Important Order Tags

Important order tags are an extension of the tags feature in Cetec ERP. Using important order tags, you can classify orders such as first article orders, orders containing UL certified materials, expedited ordersanything that would help you identify and alert the shop floor of any unique properties of an order across the work order fulfillment process.

To enable and define important order tags, navigate to Admin, then Config Settings, then Config Settings. Search for the config setting called important order tags. Click into it. Inside the text box to the left of the Set button, type in the important order tags you will be using. Use a comma to differentiate between them. Click Set.

Once important order tags have been defined, you can utilize them at the line level when creating a quote (i.e. order entry). Let’s create a quote to see this in action. Click Sales, then Quotes, then New Quote. Fill in the header info, then add a quote line.

Now, click the pencil to edit the quote line. Click More Options to expand your editing options. Scroll down and you’ll see a Tags field. You can apply both non-important order tags and important order tags here. Above the text box, you’ll see that the words you entered into the important order tags config setting are now available to apply to the quote line here.

Choose from the available tags and type them here. After typing a tag’s name, type a comma or hit the tab key or the enter key. This will register the tag, and start another one. Click OK to save your changes.

The important order tags you chose now show up under the quote line. These tags will now be tracked through the order fulfillment process, propagating alerts in the quote line view, production order fulfillment window view, traveler doc / license plate, and order packing slip. Note: This does not apply to regular tags. Only the important order tags are shown in these screens.

After you commit the quote to order, click into Release to Warehouse link on the left of the order screen and click on the Plate link, and youll see that the important order tags show up on the plate. If you go back to the order and use the left side menu to click into the work order view, youll see that the tags show up on the work order screen as well.

Bonus Columns (Custom Part Level Fields)

To this point, we’ve looked at important order tags. Cetec ERP also lets you define your own custom part level fields (e.g. UL, RoHS, etc.) which are called bonus columns. To create one, click on Admin, then Maintenance, then Bonus Columns.

Lets say you want to create a part bonus column. Click Part. In the Title field, type the name for your new bonus column. This is the name that will be displayed on the part screen next to your new field. Next, create a technical name for this bonus column. As a default choice, you can just type the same name that you did in the Title field.

If you set the Technical Name field to be identical to an important order tag you have defined, then any time you add a part with that bonus attribute assigned, the important order tag will automatically attach itself to the quote, to be tracked with the order.

For example, let’s say create a bonus column called Fragile, which matches the name of the “Fragile” important order tag I created, and then I go to the part record for a part called BOM9000, find my “Fragile” bonus column and select it, and then create a new quote for BOM9000. Because “Fragile” is both an important order tag and a bonus column, and because I selected that bonus column on the part record, the “Fragile” important order tag is now showing up under my quote line without the additional steps I’d normally need to take to edit the quote line (as described earlier).

Now, let’s go back to how you create the bonus column in the first place. You’ve entered the title and the technical name. Now you need to choose the data type for your new bonus column (i.e. text, radio button, etc.). Then click Add New. Notice that Cetec has added “_bc” to the end of the technical name to mark it as a bonus column.

You now have the option to make this bonus column searchable, which will allow it to show up as a column on reports. To do so, click the checkbox and then click Update.

Once you’ve selected the checkbox for your bonus column on a part record, you’ll be able to see that information on the part view screen. And, because you set this bonus column as searchable, that same information will show up on the Part List report. (To make your new column visible, be sure to go into +/- Columns on that report.)

Now you know how to add important order tags and bonus columns in Cetec ERP, and even how to set them so that they work together!

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