Heres how to use Budgets in Cetec ERP.

  • To navigate to budgets go to Accounting> Reports> Budget.
  • Click Create New. This will take you to the budget screen.
  • A list of GL accounts will be populated on the screen where you can set your dollar values.
  • You can set a specific date range for your budget by adding date ranges on the Budget From/To section.
  • If you set a show history date range it will allow you to populate values based on the Total Balance and Delta.
  • The Populate button will default values differently based on accounts.
  • For Assets & Liabilities will use the Total Balance (balance sheet typically is less useful).
  • For all other Accounts: Equities, Revenue, Expense, Other Income & Expense, Cetec will use the Delta to generate a value.
  • These values will be extrapolated across each budget value.
  • You can also view the budget by quarter, month, or week and select a specific cost center.


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