Resale and Cost Breaks help you manage your pricing, default costs, and vendor costing in Cetec ERP. They are the first step in the Pricing Engine that drives Default Resale and Cost. Resale breaks are often updated regularly, when products are repriced or when you get new contracted vendor pricing. This How To walks you through how to import these quickly.

First, either an .xls file or .csv file type will work to upload into Cetec ERP. You will upload the file and match the column headers where youll designate the headers to match with its corresponding column. Once youve matched the headers with the correct columns all that needs to be done is to click update and finish import. That pushes those cost/resale price breaks through onto your part records! NOTE: If you have existing pricing breaks you will need to add them to your import to preserve them. This import will overwrite the current pricing breaks.

Here are the detailed steps to follow:

  • First you need to get to the pricing/costing import page in your environment.
  • Youll need to click on the Parts module located at the top of the page. Next click on the Pricing Maintenance submodule to populate a dropdown menu. In that dropdown menu youll click on the Pricing/Costing Import link.
  • Youre now at the pricing/costing import page and ready to start adding those resale/cost breaks!
  • Start up an .xls file on your computer and input the following column headers to use - Prc, Part, Qty, Cost, and Resale. These will be the headers that youre going to use and match in the import tool. You can also combine the PRC & Part columns together into a Prcpart column if desired.
  • Below is a screenshot of an example that has been formatted to implement the multiple cost/resale price breaks youre wanting to implement in your system.
  • Youll see in each row the PRC, Part, Qty, Cost, and Resale headers have been repeated 3 times in succession for each row of data. This will import 3 different resale/cost price breaks according to the qty input into the Qty header.
  • For BOMExamplePart a value of 10 is set in the Qty Field so the Cost of 100 and Resale of 1000 will be set for any qty of 10-19. This stops at 19 due to the second section of headers indicating a cost of 200 and resale value of 2000 is set to start at Qty 20. That cost and resale value of 200/2000 will be set for any qty between 20-29. This stops at 29 due to the third section of headers indicating a cost of 300 and resale value of 3000 is set at Qty 30 and so forth.
  • Once youve finished formatting your .xls or .csv file, selecting the file in the pricing/costing import tool, and matching the headers to its respective columns youre set to press Update and Finish to complete the import!
  • After the import pushes through head to the Pricing page on the prcpart record left hand-nav menu to check those changes out (found under the Price/Cost+ dropdown!


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