Importing PO lines/receipts can streamline processing vouchers in your business. Cetec ERP has an easy way to do this!

  • In order to import PO lines and receipts to vouchers, navigate to the Accounting module, click into the A/P menu and select Voucher Import.
  • From this page click the blue hyperlink Import PO Lines and Receipts to Voucher to the right of the Import File button.
  • Next click the Choose File button to select a file from your device. Please take note of the Required Fields shown on the import page, as well as the additional fields that can be used. The PO Receipt List can be used as the initial data source to grab the applicable PO lines and/or receipts.
  • Once a file is selected click the Import button and a page will load with sample data from your file. By clicking the drop down menu boxes, identify the column headers for each column. Note: Cetec ERP will map the data for each column according to how you identify it.
  • Lastly select how the data will be grouped by in the top left corner, then click Update and Finish to complete the Import. A success message will appear indicating the quantity of successfully attached PO lines or receipts.
  • The attached PO lines or receipts can be viewed by opening the existing or newly created voucher.

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