You may have a warranty on certain parts and want to serialize the top level so you can track the part later.

  • Start on a workorder screen. Then click into the serials page. On the Serials page you can see the warranty for the part. The warranty can be set on the part record.
  • Go to the part record and click into the edit screen. Scroll down to the Production information and you will see a default warranty section. You can set it to be days, months, or years.
  • Back on the workorder screen you can generate a serial for the top level part that you are building. Click into the issue serials portion of the screen and enter the desired amount of serials. Once youve done that you can change the serial number if you would like or keep the generated serial.
  • Once this item is complete in production, you will then want to invoice the order by clicking invoice/ship. Set a ship qty on that screen then click Create Invoice. Once the invoice is created click into details/serials on the left hand menu of the invoice. This will show you the serials you generated for the part.
  • To find that serial and the warranty without knowing the invoice go to Sales> Invoices> Top Level Serials/Warranty. There you can search for top level serials. You can also see the warranty and when it expires on that page. You are also able to change the warranty expiration date.


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