The PO Receipt list can be used to look up lot codes stored for your parts received in Cetec. These can be both lot codes on parts that were purchased from a vendor as well as parts that were Completed/Received into stock from an internal build order.

  • Navigate to the Purchasing module, select the Receipts tab and click into the Receipts list.
  • Enter the PO number for the Receipt you are looking for in the PO field and click Submit. Tip: make sure your date range is not filtering out the receipt.
  • Once the receipt list loads the lot code can be found under the Lot Code column. If the Lot Code column is not showing up, click into the +/- Columns button to select the Show option next to it.
  • To see all orders and shipments for a particular lot code, click into the Receipt object (receipt column). This will take you to the PO Receipt for that line, which will display any inventory on hand and the bin its located in as well as any orders that were shipped from this same lot.


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