A Deposit compiles and aggregates A/R Payments collected from customers and deposits them into the bank.

  • To process a deposit, you will navigate to Accounting> A/R> Deposit List then click Submit. By default this shows open deposits, but you can search for a specific deposit, or look up historical deposits.
  • Click the Deposit ID to get to the deposit screen. You view the A/R Payments that have been linked to this deposit. This will all need to be closed before you can actually close the Deposit.
  • You will also see the Deposit To general ledger account (likely a bank account). This is the account the money will be reflected in once deposited. You can change this if you would like, then click Update to confirm any changes.
  • Finally, click Deposit to finalize and confirm the deposit. Then you may click the Ledger link on the left-hand side of your screen to review the corresponding ledger activity.

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