Purchasing Requisitions are an internal document used by an employee to purchase goods or services on behalf of the company, such as when an operator in production needs a special tool the company has never used before for a new job.

Cetec makes this request easy to enter, and easy to review, approve, or deny. If approved, turning the request into a purchase order is just a click away.

This can be done using our PQuote feature with workflow stages.

  • The first step is to create a PQuote.
  • Choose either a preset part number for your type of request, or make a new part number.
  • Next, you can choose to add a comment. This can be done by clicking the pencil icon and adding it as a source comment on the line itself. Another option is using the note function on the left-hand menu. The third option is adding it to the assignment comments on the workflow stage menu before sending the PQuote for approval.
  • The purchase request would then go to be reviewed, typically by purchasing. This is done by setting up workflow stages: https://cetecerp.com/support/how-to/workflow-customization.html
  • If the request is approved, purchasing would then follow the standard PQuote process, adding a vendor, cost, etc.
  • Once everything is in order, the PQuote can be committed to a purchase order and sent out to the vendor!


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