When you are ready to send a quote to a customer ,send it through the quote workflow for approval at the top right section of the sales view screen.

  Quote Workflow Parameters customize to your business unique operation processes. 

  Which may include Sales Management Review, Costing Review & Approval, Labor Tooling, and Review Approval.

If a part in your quote is a top level BILL OF MATERIALS a BOM worksheet icon will appear to next to edit icon on the far right of the line item.

  Your Production Engineer may click her to review and manage the bom directly from the quote at his or her stage of the quote workflow.

  Here an engineer may add components to the top level bom part and may also choose to include additional labor and tooling costs. To factor in extra labor cost select edit next to the Total Labor row.

  Here an engineer can select a particular operation to add to the labor path of the time  and modify labor operation time. 

  Click 'OK'

  To finish editing labor click 'Transfer to Quote' to send your engineer costing modifications back to the sales Quote.

When your workflow has passed the necessary steps you can email your customer the quote by selecting the PDF/Email tab on the left hand side.


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