You may have two different part records that need to be merged into the same part (e.g., changing part number schemes or removing duplicates) and you need to maintain the data for the disused part record. Merging parts can help with this.

  • The first step is to go to the part record you want to merge into another part. Once there, you will navigate to Maint+ > Merge.
  • On the merge screen you will notice a warning and info on part merging. Be sure to fully read the warning before attempting a part merge so that you understand the impact and implications of this action.
  • Type the part number that you are going to merge this part record into in the merging field, and select it from the list of parts.
    • Remember: You will be merging the current part into the part you type in. For example if you are on the part record for PRT1 and you type in PRT3 it will merge PRT1 into PRT3.
  • Click Merge once you have your part number in the box. You will receive a success message showing that the part has been merged. You can navigate to the part that you merged into and you can see that the sales history and qty has been merged into that part. The old part record will be completely wiped.


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