You might want to sub out material on an order on the fly, despite whatever material is dictated on the permanent BOM record. This is especially the case in a job shop style environment, where you have a product template with different working custom configurations with different material requirements for each custom job.

  • Locate an order
    • Type in the order number in the search window at the far top right of your Cetec ERP application, or go to SALES Orders Order List and select an order there, or go to PRODUCTION Orders List and find an order there.
    • From the sales order screen, click on the line item number or use the left side navigation menu Production View link(s) to access the production order screen.
    • By default, a copy of the permanent bill of materials (BOM) will be included and associated with the BOM being produced/ordered.
  • Manage the order specific BOM
    • Click on BOM Management link in the left side-nav to access the temporary, order-specific BOM record.
    • Make a change to the Prcpart components/materials on the order-specific BOM, and click Update Order Specific BOM to register the change. This will automatically update the pick list for the order, material requirements, etc. Note that the change to the order-specific BOM will in no way affect the permanent BOM record.
    • To propagate any updates to a permanent BOM record and register them with the order-specific BOM, click the Replace Order Specific BOM button.
    • Component material already picked on an order are not able to be modified in BOM mgmt. To modify them, you must first unpick the parts.


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