Is there a way to use one work order to both ship products to a customer now and also to receive the rest into stock to save for future orders? Yes! Let’s look at how this can be done in Cetec ERP.

Create a quote with the trans code of Build and then Commit To Order. Go into the work order view using the link in the left side menu of the order screen or using the linked order line number.

In the left side menu of the work order, click Maint/Etc + then Split Line. Split the line into the quantity you’re going to ship and the quantity you’re going to receive into stock. In this example, we’ll be receiving 6, so well split off a new line of quantity 6. Click Split. Choose how you want to adjust the quantity to relieve.

Now you can ship your line of 4. From the order screen, click the Invoice/Ship link on the left. Then on the Ship/Invoice screen, enter the ship quantity. In our example, well enter a quantity of 4 on the first line as the ship quantity and leave the line of 6 blank. Click Update and then click Create Invoice.

Now you can go back to the order view screen and click Edit on the left. In the header, convert the order to an internal order so that you’ll be able to receive the remaining inventory into stock. Next to Convert to Internal Order, click the blue Convert button. Click Submit to save your change.

Now its time to receive the remaining quantity of 6 into stock. Click Complete/Receive on the left.

On the Complete/Receive screen, enter the quantity to be completed and received (in our example, a quantity of 6). Click Update. Then click Complete/Receive Product to receive that quantity into stock.


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