• Paying vouchers is an important part of your day to day process. You will want to start by going to A/P then clicking Add Voucher. Once that voucher has been created you can enter the Vendor Invoice Number, Vendor Name, and the Vendor Requested amount which is the invoice total.
  • Go to the PO portion of the voucher and search for the specific PO you want to pay. Scroll up and add any necessary breaks if you have any freight or added charges that need to be paid then click submit.
  • You may want to assign this voucher to management for approval. You can do this by leveraging the workflow in the right hand corner. Go into the workflow and select an employee under the workflow step you want to send it too. This will assign the voucher to that employee so they can approve it. That user will have this show up in their tasks and will go in to approve it. They would go into the same workflow and assign the voucher to the approved state and back to the employee that entered the voucher.
  • Now that the voucher is approved the user can go in and create an AP payment to pay the voucher. This is done by scrolling down to the bottom of the voucher and clicking New Payment. Or you can create a regular AP payment and select the same vendor and the vouchers will show up to pay. You can pay one or more vouchers on a single AP payment.
  • Once on the AP payment select the vouchers you would like to pay. Include any debit memos as well if applicable. Select your payment method then mark as paid to complete the payment. Now your voucher has been paid successfully.


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