Heres how to do a check run to print multiple checks at once in Cetec ERP:

  • First step is to click into the Accounting module, from there youll click the A/P dropdown menu, and click the Check Register hyperlink.
  • Second step is to select System Check from the Payment Type field (this specifies that youre looking for system checks in the register).. Then click submit!
  • Third step is to select the checks that you want to print. This can be done one of two ways:
    • Select individual checks by clicking the Print checkbox on the right hand side of the check register table below the Print? Column header.
    • You can select the Print? checkbox column header to select all checks on that specific page to print (if you want/need to print all the checks present on the check register report at once).
  • After selecting the checks that you want to do via a check run (selecting the Print? Checkbox for individual checks, or the column header for all checks present) click the blue Batch Print button.
  • Clicking the Batch Print button will refresh the check register page, pull up PDFs of all selected checks, and allow you to print those out from that screen.


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