A cycle count is an inventory auditing procedure where a small subset of inventory, in a specific location, is counted on a specified day. How do you perform a cycle count in Cetec ERP? Go to Warehouse, click Cycle Count, and then click Cycle Count List. You’re taken to the Cycle Count report screen.

To see a list of cycle counts, fill out the relevant parameters and press Submit to filter and display the result of your search.

To create a new cycle count, click Create New. This opens up a new header area to define the cycle count you are creating. Although the exact parts to be included in a cycle count are randomized, you can control the scope of the randomized inclusion process by filling out certain parameters, such as the selection method, the number of parts, the minimum value per part or of the total, the ABC (usage value) code, or even by specifying which PRC part to count. Click Create to initiate the cycle count procedure.

The resulting page displays the parts required to count to complete the cycle count. This page tells you the PRC part, bin location, receipt number, and bin quantity expected. Count the number of parts in the bin, and enter it in the Actual Shelf Quantity field.

You must select a reason code for each new quantity entered, even if it does not differ from the value in the Shelf Quantity column. To save your changes, click Set. The row will turn dark gray to indicate that it has been counted and updated.

If you try to click Set without first entering a reason code, Cetec will prevent the changes from being saved. Lets say the quantity of the part did not change, and there was not a reason code in the drop-down list that made sense to choose (you only saw Miscount and User Error listed as options). In this case, you may want to add a new reason code option to the drop-down list. Users with the Admin role have this ability.

To add a new reason code, click Admin, Maintenance, Data Maintenance. Find the InvShortageReason data maintenance table. Click into it. Click Add Record, give the new reason code a name and a description. Check the No Inv Change box when adding a reason code that will denote in Cetec that there has been no inventory change. Click Submit to save your changes.

In our example where there was no change in the part count, we can now go back to the Cycle Count page, click ctrl + r to refresh the page, enter the actual shelf quantity for this part, choose our new reason code “No Inventory Change” from the Reason Code drop-down menu, and click Set.

Finish counting all parts for all lines in the cycle count. Then finish the cycle count by clicking on Close in the header area.

Now you’re able to search the Cycle Count list (search for the correct location and for a status of Closed) and find the cycle count you just closed.


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