Heres a how-to guide on processing an overpayment from a customer in Cetec ERP:

  • First navigate to Accounting> A/R> A/R List (Receivables).
  • On the A/R List (Receivables) report, set the filters youre wanting to locate the customer, and click submit.
  • Hit the blue Pay button on the far left of the invoice you are going to take payment for.
  • Now you are on the A/R payment screen. Make sure to set a Payment Method, Payment Value, and Payment Reference.
  • Include all of the invoices that you want to pay by clicking the include box next to the invoice. Click Update.
  • If a customer overpays an invoice it will create unapplied cash when you complete the payment. You will enter the extra amount into the unapplied cash field.
  • Finally youll click the blue Payment Complete button to finalize and close the A/R Payment. Keep in mind an Unapplied Cash object was generated to handle the additional dollar amount that was included.

Next were going to walk through where to review the Unapplied Cash object that was generated during the process listed above:

  • Click Accounting> A/R> Unapplied Cash List.
  • Filter the report for the customer that you just took payment for.
  • Click submit and this will pull a list of Unapplied Cash objects for the customer. Find the Unapplied Cash object that you just generated and click the blue ID hyperlink button to navigate into the Unapplied Cash item.
  • Note the yellow alert at the top of the Unapplied Cash item indicating this was created from an overpayment for the A/R Payment you just processed.


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