Make to Order/Engineer to Order are orders for material that your company builds and then immediately ships to a customer. These are usually custom work orders. To start the MTO/ETO process, navigate to SALES Quotes New Quote.

An MTO/ETO transaction follows the basic order entry process. Once a new quote is created, fill out the header (making sure that the required fields are filled out) and add the quote lines. The most important thing to note when processing a MTO/ETO transaction is to select Build as its Transaction Code. After selecting the Build transaction code and filling out other fields click OK to add the line. Note that, if your company normally only processes Build transactions, you can configure that as the default transaction code in your Cetec ERP system to have it set automatically every time a line is added to a quote/order.

After you add the line, a worksheet will appear to the right of the line item; this is called the BOM Quote Worksheet. Click this icon to access the BOM worksheet for the top-level part you defined on the quote line. The BOM worksheet is where you will estimate and schedule the build part you are quoting. For more information on how to use the BOM worksheet, check out the help documentation or the how-to guide on BOM Estimation.

After all lines have been entered and quote is ready to be converted into an order, click on Commit to Order link from the left side navigation menu. This will take you to the Commit Order screen. Depending on the data input/missing, order type, and more, this screen may contain warnings, notifications, prompt for sub-assembly orders, etc. Once everything is ready, click on Place Order and your order will be created.

After the conversion, Cetec ERP will take you to the sales order view screen for that order. Here, you may view order details, link back to the quote the order originated from, and/or move forward to order fulfillment.

Along with the creation of your sales order, Cetec ERP has also generated any purchasing/forecasting requirements, work order schedule based on optimal capacity, suggested electronic pick lists dictated by each BOM on order, work order specific documentation, and any other documentation you attached electronically to the quote or BOM. All of this information will help you drive production of the order, and is accessed by clicking on the Production View (i.e. clicking the line item number on the order).

All orders with inventory ramifications have to be released to and picked from the warehouse before they can be assembled or processed and eventually invoiced and shipped. To release the order to the warehouse for fulfillment, select Release To Warehouse [Release to WH] from the left side navigation menu. To go directly to the Production View, click on the order line ID or the link to it under the Workorder View + from the left side navigation menu.

For a more detailed walk-through on Release to Warehouse and Picking processes, refer to Order Entry.

To invoice and close an order, navigate to the Invoice/Ship screen from the sales order view. Before clicking on Create Invoice, enter the exact amount of goods to be shipped under the Ship Qty column. Click Update, print out your packing documents, and click Create Invoice to register the invoice to your accounting module, close the order, bill your customer, etc.

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