A common requirement for manufacturers in medical markets is for quality alerts to be posted and visible to anyone on the shop floor who touches the part in question. To satisfy this requirement, Cetec ERP allows you to post quality reports to BOMs on a per-part basis, which then show up on any work order for that part.

To issue a quality report, locate the part record. Then, in the left side menu, click on Quality + and then Quality Alerts. Enter a name for your new quality alert, then click Create. You can edit the auto-generated expiration date. You also have the option to attach a document to your quality alert. To save any updates you’ve made, click the orange Update button at the bottom of the screen.

To see a list of all existing quality alerts, click the blue All Quality Alerts link at the top. (You can also get to this report by navigating to Production, then Quality, then Quality Alerts.) Click Submit to run the report.

Now that you’ve created a quality alert, if you go to any work order for that part, you’ll see the quality alert displayed on the work order screen, allowing visibility to this alert, as well as one-click access to its attached document, to anyone who touches this work order.

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