• Order is released to production
    • Dedicated warehouse users will receive a signal to pull stock (i.e. pick parts) and deliver material to production. This signal can be received electronically via the Pick Queue, or via paperwork (i.e. a work order Traveler).
    • Locate order and go to the Pick Parts screen.
  • Record part pick
    • The Pick Parts screen will display a list of raw materials / components required for the work order based on the BOM definition of the finished product or subassembly on order.
    • Record materials pulled for production. Find the parts you need on receipts in the bin locations indicated. Log the actual quantity of material that you pull from the warehouse.
    • Inventory will be flagged as picked and reserved for the order, i.e. in WIP, until the order invoices and the material is consumed according to what was picked.
  • Move the material to the floor for production
    • Update the work location to the next stage in the job/BOMs router
    • Physically move the materials (in a bin, kit, pallet, etc.) to the floor with accompanying paperwork.
    • The first station of production can look up the order number in Cetec ERP to continue with production.

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