Heres how to Receive parts in Cetec ERP

  • Receiving parts can be done directly from the receiving screen by going to Warehouse> Receiving> Receive Parts.
  • Enter the PO number that you want to receive into the PO box and select the applicable line.
  • The qty, cost, lot code, and date code will auto populate and can be edited if needed.
  • You can also go to a PO directly and click the receive button to get to the receiving screen.
  • After you hit the receive button you will have links to the receipt, inspection, serials labels, and the receipt label.
  • You can receive without a PO by entering the Prcpart that you want to receive into the Prcpart box in the middle of the screen. Enter qty, lot code, and date code as well then hit receive.
  • If you inspect parts at receiving you can enter a qty inspected and rejected before you hit receive to show what parts came in good condition.
  • You can also add inspection notes into the inspection notes box.
  • Commercial invoice data can be entered by clicking more options at the bottom of the receiving screen.
  • When a part is received, clickable links will appear for the PO Line Receipt, Receipt Label, Serial Labels, the Inspection and # of Order Possibly Need Part. If any parts are rejected an NCR will automatically be created and an NCR link will also appear.
  • If you reject one or more parts when receiving, it will automatically create an NCR for you.
  • If you click into the NCR link you can make changes to the NCR.
  • You can also click into the inspection report link back on the receiving screen and make edits there as well.


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