Do you need to know best practice to follow when you have an open order with a prepayment, and you want to refund the prepayment and cancel the open order?

- You will navigate to Sales & Orders. Then click Order List in the drop down menu. Next enter the Order # and click Submit to pull up the Order when the screen refreshes. Then scroll down and click the blue Order hyperlink to view the Order.

- Now go to the Unapplied Cash created by the Prepayment on the Order by clicking on the Prepayment + link in the upper left menu on the Order screen, choosing the Pre-payment you wish to refund to the customer from that list.

- In the AR Payment window, click on the link for Unapplied Cash in either the left-hand menu or the Unapplied Cash list at the bottom of the window. On the unapplied cash screen click the 'Write Check' button and confirm the question, Are you sure you want to issue a check to refund and close this Unapplied Cash? This creates a refund check to the Customer for the Pre-Payment. Be sure to input a memo in the For field for reference and click Submit. Click the Ledger link in the upper left menu to view ledger entries for the refund to your customer.

- Now you can cancel/close the Order by navigating again to Sales, click Orders and choose Order List, and again search the Order number you wish to cancel. Click Submit to open the Order screen. Scroll down and click the blue Order link in the lower portion of the Order window. Next, click on the 'Close Line/All' link in the upper left menu.

- You will click the red 'Delete Order' button, and then click Confirm to answer "Are you sure you want to delete the order?" (You also have the option to instead select line(s) to delete if you click on 'Delete Selected Lines'. This option is in case you only want to delete part of the order, leaving the Order open with any remaining line(s).)

- You have now successfully completed both the refund to the customer and the Cancel of the open Order. <br>


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