There may be times when you create a sales quote and then come back to it after the default cost of the part youre selling has changed. Rather than having to create an entirely new quote or even having to re-enter the part on your quote, you can reprice your quote with two simple clicks.

  • First, for the purposes of this example, well look at PRT5, one of our parts. To get to its part record, we enter PRT5 in the global search bar at the top right of the Cetec ERP homepage. Once on the part record, well take note that PRT5 has a default cost of $5.00.
  • We create a quote for PRT5. The default cost of $5.00 pulls through automatically to the quote.
  • Now, we’ll go back to the part record and change the default cost of PRT5. In this example, were changing the default cost by adding a cost quantity break. To do this, we go to the left side menu of the part record and click Price/Cost +, then Pricing.
  • Under Cost Qty Breaks, we add a new break and set the cost for quantities of 1-5 at $5.50. Now, if we click View in the left side menu to view the main part record screen, we can see that our part has a new default cost of $5.50.
  • We want that new default cost to be reflected on the quote we created for this part, even though the quote already existed before the parts default cost changed. So we go back to the quote, look at the left side menu, click Quoting Tools +, and then click Reprice.
  • A pop-up appears saying the quote price and dates have been set to the current data. And, indeed, the cost for this part has been changed to $5.50.

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