To access and run the Auto-Complete Retained Earnings features capabilities, lets take a look at where it is located and how to run it.

  • From the Accounting page, open the Reports’’ dropdown and select the Retained Earnings page. This report displays all accounts and amounts, similar to the Profit and Loss report. This process can be accessed on both the Balance Sheet and the Profit & Loss reports.
  • When a Cetec ERP user needs to run or update the Auto-Complete Retained Earnings feature, the user will see an orange warning message located at the top of the accounting report page. Click the blue Retained Earnings hyperlink at the end of the orange warning message.
  • Next, click on the Auto-Complete Retained Earnings button, found on the upper right of the new window.
  • The Add Ledger Entry window will appear and will auto-populate with an Entry Name of Retained Earnings Adjustment and a Transaction Date. Review the General Ledger accounts in your entry, adding descriptions and notes as needed.
  • After reviewing the information to ensure that it is accurate, click Submit Entry. The process of running the Auto-Complete Retained Earnings feature is now complete.

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