The Component Need Across BOMs list shows a list of components, consolidated across multiple BOMs and calculates the total quantity needed based on the specified quantity of BOMs and the qty/top of those components defined on those BOMs. You can either manually enter your list of BOMs or import a spreadsheet.

  • First you need to make an excel spreadsheet of the BOMs you want to run the report for.
  • In the first column, you should have the PRCpart of the BOM.
  • In the second column, you need to have the qty you wish to make of each BOM. These can be different quantities.
  • Next you go to Parts> Reports> Component Need Across BOMs
  • Import your file and run the report.
  • You will see each PRCpart listed that are contained in those BOMs, you will also see which BOMs contain that specific part, how many you need based off the quantities set in your spreadsheet, and your current quantity on hand among other information.
  • You can also export these results.


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