Heres a how-to guide on sending an AR Statement in Cetec ERP:

  • The first step is to click Accounting> A/R> A/R Summary.
  • Set the filters for the A/R Summary Report so you can find the correct customer and click submit.
  • Now that you have your AR Summary report data pulled up, click on the customer you want to send an AR statement to.
  • Click A/R Statement on the left hand side of the customer record. On the statement page click Email PDF.
  • Input the customers email address in the To field, input any desired information into the body subsection of the email page, and click submit.

You can also set up automatic customer statements. Heres how:

  • Navigate to a customer record and click Notifications on the left hand menu.
  • On the Notifications page click the specify notification dropdown menu and select Customer Statement Email.
  • Put an email address or multiple into the email section of the notification. Click Create New Notification.
  • The email you have input will now receive an automatic Customer Statement Email.

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