• To send an order acknowledgment to a customer, first navigate to the order screen. If you know the order number, the quickest way to do this is to type that number into the global search. From there, choose the correct order from the drop-down list, and you will be taken to the order view screen.
  • From the order view screen, click PDF (PDF and Quick are different links). Here you can choose what fields show on the Order Acknowledgement by checking or unchecking the boxes.
  • When you’ve finished customizing your pdf, click Set Columns. You can scroll to preview the appearance of your pdf, make any further changes, and if you’re ready to send it, click Email PDF.
  • Enter your recipient’s information, (you can also utilize the CC and BCC fields) fill in the body text, and when you are done, click Send. Any replies to this email will be delivered to the inbox for the email address listed in the From field.

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