If your company has items/parts that are used on orders but don’t need to be formally requested, such as pre-printed forms, staplers, or boxes and packaging, then you may want to designate these items as floor stock.

When you designate a part as “floor stock” on a BOM revision then, when you pick parts on an order for that BOM, Cetec ERP will automatically pick that part. Let’s look at how to set up and use floor stock in Cetec ERP.

Youll need to turn on a configuration setting in your environment for the floor stock feature to be active and available for use. Click Admin, then Config Settings, then Config Settings. Search for the config setting called “Enable Floor Stock and set that config setting’s value to 1.

Now you have the ability to designate a BOM component as floor stock. To do so, navigate to your BOM and click into Revisions on the left side menu. Find the revision you want, and click Edit BOM. You’ll need to go to the “+/- Columns” link at the top to make sure the floor stock column is showing. If not, find it on the pop-up window and select “Show?”.

Now you are able to click the Floor Stock checkbox next to the component you want to designate as floor stock. Check that box and click Update. Now, when you have an order for this BOM and you go to pick parts, Cetec ERP will automatically pick this component when other components are picked.

We’d recommend setting a reorder point (ROP) for any part that is functioning as floor stock. Since the picking process is more automated for these parts, setting a reorder point helps ensure that the part won’t be overlooked, as it will be flagged on MRP, reminding you to purchase more before you run out.

To set a reorder point for a part, go to the part record. Scroll down to the appropriate warehouse section, and you’ll see the current reorder point setting. To edit that setting, click the pencil icon next to the warehouse title. Set the reorder point (ROP).

Once Cetec ERP sees that your quantity on hand for this part has reached or gone below the reorder point value, the part will appear on MRP, reminding you to reorder it.


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