Here is a how-to guide on where to set up shipvias for your quotes and pquotes in Cetec ERP.

  • The first way to set up your ship vias is on your config settings page.
  • To get there go to Admin > Config Settings > Config Settings
  • Input ship_via into the Name field to populate those configs. There is one for pquotes and the other is for your quotes.
  • Input the ship via ID into the config field to indicate which ship via you want to default to your PQuotes or Quotes and click submit.
  • You can also set your ship via default via the SHPCDE data maintenance table.
  • To get there go to Admin > Maintenance > Data Maintenance > SHPCDE (Shipment Types).
  • On that page youll see the column Is Default. Select the checkbox of the ship via you want to default and click Update.
  • This will default that ship via across all objects in your Cetec ERP environment.


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