How do you set up sales commissions in Cetec ERP?

  1. Turn on commissions in your system: Navigate to Admin, then Config Settings, then Config Settings. Locate the configuration setting called “Enable_Commission.” To turn on this setting, type 1 in the Value field and click Set. Now, if you go to a quote, you’ll see a Commission link in the left side menu.

  2. Create commission types: Click Admin, then Maintenance, then Data Maintenance. Find and click into the CommissionType data maintenance table. To add a new commission type, click Add Record.

  • Enter a name for your commission type.
  • Add a description if you’d like.
  • Select “Skip Auto Add” to define this commission type as an optional commission type. (This will come into play later.)
  • Check the box under “Block Duplicates” if multiple commissions of this type are not allowed on a quote/order/invoice.
  • Be sure to set your commission type to active.
  • Finish by clicking Submit.
  1. Set up your sales reps as vendors: Click Purchasing, then Vendors, then Vendor List. To create a new vendor, click the blue Create New button. Type the name of the sales rep, then click Create. To add another sales rep, click Back To List and click Create New again.

  2. Set default commissions: These are assigned by customer, so navigate to your customers profile/record. You can get there easily from a quote by clicking the customer name in the quote header.

Once on the customer record, scroll down to the Commissions/Vendor Reps section. Here you can add commissions that will default whenever a quote is created for this customer.

  • Enter the commission type.
  • Enter the vendor (sales rep).
  • Enter the breakdown percentage.
  • Save the default commission by clicking Update.
  1. Assign commissions to a quote: In the left side menu of the quote, click Commission.
  • Add default commissions: Click the Auto-Populate Defaults button. If you have default commissions assigned to the customer on this quote, and those commissions do not have an optional commission type (see step 2c), those commissions will appear when you click the Auto-Populate Defaults button.
  • A commission can correspond to the whole quote; if this is the case, leave the Line field set as “all”. Alternatively, it can correspond to one line in particular. If you input a specific line, after clicking update, the extended resale amount for only that line will appear, indicating the amount against which the commission will be calculated.
  • Add optional commissions: In step 2, when you were creating commission types, if you checked the Skip Auto Add? checkbox on a commission type, that commission type has been set as optional.
  • Lets say you assign a commission to a customer (see step 4) with one of these optional commission types. If thats the case, then when you are working on a quote for that customer, you can assign that optional commission to the quote.
  • To do so, click the Show Optional Commissions button. After the optional commission shows up, theres one additional step required: youll need to check the “Add?” checkbox on the right and then click Update.
  • Manually add commissions: Next to “Add Breakdown For Vendor,” start typing the sales reps name and then choose it from the drop-down list. (See step 3 for how this list is populated). Select the commission type (set in step 2).
  • In the Line? field, select either a specific line or select (all). Fill in the Commission field. For percentage commission, include the % symbol. To base the percentage against GP instead of resale, include a “p” (for example, “10%p”).You can add notes in the Comments field if you choose. To enter your updates, click Update.
  1. Access the Invoice Commissions report: **Commissions follow through from quotes to orders and invoices and ultimately to payments made out to the reps you have modeled as vendors through the A/P module.

Once you have shipped and invoiced an order, you can look up its commissions on a report. To view the Invoice Commissions report, navigate to Sales, then Invoices, then Invoice Commissions.


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