How do you track work orders on the shop floor in Cetec ERP?

  • Release the order to production
    • Dedicated warehouse users receive a signal to pull stock (i.e. pick parts) and deliver material to production. This signal can be sent via paperwork (i.e. a work order Traveler) or by using Cetec ERPs Release to Pick screen.
    • To release an order to pick within Cetec, navigate to Warehouse, then Release To Pick, then Release Build Orders. Click Submit to run the report. Locate the order, assign it to a specific warehouse user (if applicable), make sure the Move checkbox is checked next to the order(s) you want to move, select the location to which you’d like to move the order, then click Move Orders.
  • Record the part pick
    • Locate the order by either scanning or manually typing in the order number in the search box at the top right of the screen, or head to Production, then Orders, then Production Order List and look up the order there.
    • Go to the Pick Parts screen of the order.
    • The Pick Parts screen will display a list of raw materials / components required for the work order based on the BOM definition of the finished product or subassembly on order.
    • Record materials pulled for production. Find the parts you need on receipts in the bin locations indicated. Log the actual quantity of material that you pull from the warehouse.
    • Inventory will be flagged as picked and reserved for the order, i.e. in WIP, until the order invoices and the material is consumed according to what was picked.
    • Update the work location to the next stage in the job/BOMs router.
  • Move the material to the floor for production
    • Physically move the materials (in a bin, kit, pallet, etc.) to the floor with accompanying paperwork.
    • The first station of production can look up the order number in Cetec ERP to continue with production.
    • Note: Cetec ERP lets you track the movement of specific pieces across production. This can facilitate one-piece flow and provide visibility when batching different quantities of product through production.
  • Update the work location and log time
    • Click Start Work, set the work location, and start tracking time. Then, when work is completed, click stop work.
    • Alternatively, you can enter the total time worked after work is completed.
    • Once work is done at one work location, move the order to the next location in production.
  • Send the order to inspection and/or shipping
    • The final stage of production will likely be inspection, packing, and/or shipping. Update the router accordingly to indicate the job status.
  • Locate orders in production, get overall shop floor visibility
    • Run the WIP Aging Report by going to Production, then Orders, then WIP Aging Report. This report gives you visibility on job status, current labor and material costs, etc.


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