Here is a how-to on updating a BOM revision on a workorder in Cetec ERP. To do this please follow the steps listed below:

How to update/change the revision on a work order using the Change Revision feature:

  • First, navigate to the Work Order view screen.
  • Then, on the left hand navigation, select the Maint/Etc+ option to populate a dropdown with further options.
  • Click into the option Change Rev.
  • On the Change Rev page click the Choose Revision dropdown and select the revision you want to change to. Click the Change Rev button to initiate the change.
    • Note: Changing the revision will dekit the order and rekit the components based on the revision that is selected.
  • The revision on your workorder has now been changed and updated!

How to update the workorder tempbom if a change has been made to the permanent revision:

  • If youve made a change to the permanent revision on your prcpart record, after a workorder has already been generated, youll need to update the tempbom of the workorder to reflect those changes.
  • First navigate to the workorder screen thats associated with the prcpart revision you changed.
  • Once on the workorder screen, go ahead and click the Maint/Etc+ dropdown. Click BOM Management.
  • On the BOM management screen click the orange Replace Order Specific BOM button and this will replace the order specific BOM with the permanent revision that you just edited/changed.

How to add the components of a separate parts BOM revision to your current order specific BOM:

  • First, navigate to the workorder view.
  • Next, click the Maint/Ect+ dropdown then click the BOM Management button.
  • Once on the BOM Management screen youll see the Add Revision BOM Components? button.
  • Type into the box the BOM you would like to add components from. Once youve selected the BOM click Add Components. This will add the components of the BOM you selected to the Order Specific BOM.


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