Preallocation allows you to pre-allocate qty on a PO or in a bin (existing on hand inventory) to a customer or order line (work order).

  • To turn this on, go to your Config Settings and search for Allow Inventory Preallocation. Set this to 1. Then, you can set up pre-allocation on any PQuote/PO/or bin in Cetec ERP.
  • To set pre-allocation on a PQuote (when entering a PO), navigate to the PQuote line edit, and look for the field Reserve/Allocate To. This is unset by default, but you can select either customer or order line. Make the selection, and then use the search to set either customer or order line. You can also do this on the PO edit screen, per PO line.
    • When the PO line is received, the pre-allocation setting will transfer to the resulting bin created from that PO line receipt.
  • To set the pre-allocation on existing inventory, navigate to the part record, and the specific bin in question. Click Edit for that bin and look for Reserve/Allocate To, which is defaulted to unset. Select either customer or order line, and use the search field to select.

After pre-allocation has been enabled, and you have it set for a PO and/or bin, then it will impact waterfall and MRP (the allocation program factors pre-allocation in). This is what it will look like:

  • Navigate the Part waterfall. For on hand inventory, pre-allocated qty will show below the Starting QOH, with a value for Available, which will represent the quantity not pre-allocated and available for any orders demanding that component. Then, for each order with pre-allocated inventory or PO qty, that quantity will show in parentheses, and will be bolded and red. IF a pre-allocated quantity is not sufficient for a specific order, the quantity not covered by the pre-allocation will show next to the pre-allocated qty (already in parentheses), still bolded and red. Once the pre-allocated qty is fully allocated (projected for consumption), other orders that might meet pre-allocation rules will use normal qty, as the pre-allocated quantities are no longer available and normal allocation rules apply.
  • For PO-allocated quantity, the qty on the PO line will be bolded and red. The order/customer it is allocated to will be visible in a hover-over. When the PO is not late to the allocated order(s), that orders qty will be bolded red. When the PO is late to the allocated order, the system will attempt to allocate other available inventory/POs per normal allocation rules, but that PO will not be usable for other orders. The PO line allocated qty will transfer to the bin when the PO line is received.
  • When a bin or PO is allocated to an order, but that order is shipped without consuming the pre-allocated qty, that qty will be moved to the customer. The PO allocation will shift upon receipt for a completed/shipped order.

There are also implications for a pre-allocated bin in picking:

  • IF a bin is pre-allocated to a customer or order line, it will only show on the pick parts screen for that specific order or customers orders.
  • Further, on that order line (or customers orders), the pick parts screen will highlight in the yellow the bin pre-allocated to the order, helping to enforce picking from that bin.


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