Skids are a way to group items to ship together across multiple orders/invoices.

You can go to the invoice/ship screen of any order, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the blue Add To Skid button to add an order line item to a skid.

Add To Skid Button

From the Skid screen, you can group multiple lines/qtys of any part on any open order in the system onto a single skid, and you can have multiple open skids at the same time.

Skids will show on the Skid List via Sales » Invoices » Skid List:

With skids, you can assign all of the different groups of customer items queuing up to ship, even if they are on separate order/invoice line items! You can set them on the skids (i.e. pallets/trucks) in Cetec ERP according to the physical skids/pallets the items are going out on, and report on those with the Skid list.

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