The Auto-Release feature is helpful in seeing which orders you need to, and can, ship on a given day.

  • To view this report, navigate to the Warehouse tab, find the Release to Pick dropdown menu, and select Release Orders - All.
  • Click the Auto-release Update button in the top left corner. This will pull all orders with a ship date of today and any ship date prior to today. Orders whose ship date falls into the window of todays date plus Ship Ahead Days will also appear.
  • The report factors in Ship Types of Complete, Line Complete, and Partial.
  • These ship types utilize the Short per Avail quantity to show which orders only need the quantity available to complete the order (ship partial orders).
    • Line Complete: this requires the quantity due on the order line to be less than the Qty Avail for that part in order to be eligible for auto release.
    • Complete: all lines on that order must eligible for any to be eligible for auto release.
    • Partial: If there is any qty avail for that prcpart, then the order line will be eligible.
  • The descriptions/reason for each order in regards to its eligibility for auto release will appear in the Auto-Release Comments.
  • Select the lines you wish to release and click Move Orders to the next location of your choosing! Ideally, you only need to click the Move All!

There are a couple of Configuration Settings that work with the Auto Release feature.

  • Auto Release - Update ShipQty Automatically
    • This sets the Release Qty for partial shipments to the quantity available if the quantity available is less than quantity due.
  • Auto Release - Minimum Shipment Value
    • This sets a minimum dollar value for partial shipments to be eligible for auto release (if qty avail times unit cost is less than this value, that order line is not eligible for auto release).


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