You can customize your incoming inspections through workflows and custom forms. Heres how to below!

  • Navigate to Admin> Config Settings> Config Settings and search for Use New Incoming Inspections Module. Set that config setting to 1.
  • To customize your workflow navigate to Admin> Maintenance> Data Maintenance> WorkflowStage and use the Object Type - IncomingInspection. These represent your incoming inspection steps (initial, quality, final/disposition, etc.)
  • Next, navigate to the Custom Form Builder, found under Admin> Maintenance> Custom Form Builder. Click Create. Use Object Type IncomingInspection. Add as many forms as youd like.
  • To create a new form click Create New on the list. Build out your custom form and the click update form.
  • Finally, navigate to Admin> Maintenance> Incoming Inspection Rules. Create Rules based on vendors, prcparts, prcs, or leave both fields blank to have a generic rule for all prcparts.
  • After creating the rule, find it in the list, and click View Lines. Assign your custom forms to each workflow stage on the incoming inspection form.
  • When youre ready to receive parts, your incoming inspection will now include your workflow stages and each custom form assigned to the workflow stages. Youll see this layout at the bottom of the incoming inspection page.
  • Use the dropdown tool in the bottom right to move the workflow stage (and corresponding custom form) to the next state. If required fields (*) arent entered, then the workflow change will be halted.


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