Vendor supplied and Customer supplied are used to show that the components will be supplied by either your customer or your vendor. They will show up in various areas of the system.

  • Customer supplied and Vendor supplied are attributes on the permanent BOM. You can go to the edit BOM screen and check the boxes per component. They may be hidden by +/- columns so you may need to show the columns.
  • The most common place that Customer supplied and Vendor supplied are used is in the tempbom on a build order. You can check the boxes on the tempbom screen so that these will show up on the standard waterfall. They will be highlighted green for Vendor supplied and yellow for Customer supplied. A hover tip will appear with specific info on the part when you hover over the part. Note: This will only show up on the standard waterfall NOT the Allocation waterfall.
  • Customer supplied will show up on MRP if you need the part. It will say Cust Supplied underneath the part number. (Note: if you just set the component to customer supplied, allocation will have to run again in order for the Customer supplied tag to appear in MRP).
  • To see Vendor supplied you will need to turn on the config setting Waterfall - Include Vendor Supplied Component. Vendor supplied doesnt impact MRP like Customer Supplied does.
  • There is another config setting that affects Vendor supplied components: Vendor Supplied Inventory - Do Not Pick Or Relieve. This causes parts that are marked as vendor supplied to not show up on the pick parts screen. They dont show on the details and serials page as a component. You also get a message on the pick screen saying that Vendor supplied components will not show up.


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