The Inventory Activity Report shows all activity for all parts/inventory within Cetec ERP - this includes receipts (lot codes), bin moves, put aways, shipments, and inventory adjustments. One of its specific uses is to see all actions related to a specific Lot Code, from receipt or generation of a lot code to bin movements, and what orders/shipments it was consumed on. Below are the steps on how to view that Lot Code history via the Inventory Activity Report.

  • Navigate to the Inventory Activity Report within your environment. First start by going to the Parts module, then click Reports. From this dropdown menu click the Inventory Activity link (manager user role required).
    • You can also get here on the Part record screen under History (look under Activity) in the left hand navigation or in the bin.
  • Enter the Lot Code in the Lot Code filter. This will show all history for that Lot Code.
  • You can also use the date to - from fields to see a parts lot code history over a certain date range. The report can be filtered via the user field to see who received in those parts and assigned those lot codes as well.
  • Users can also filter that report with the Reason field, and select Receipt to see what lot codes were assigned when received.
  • Note: you might want to click the +/- columns hyperlink above the table provided and make sure Lot Codes is set to Show.
  • If youre wanting to see what the most recent Lot Code was assigned to a prcpart when received just click the Updated At column header and that will filter it from A-Z or Z-A showing you the most recent Lot Code used.

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