• Important Order Tags are an extension of the tags feature in Cetec ERP. Using Important Order Tags, you can classify orders such as First Article orders, orders containing UL certified materials, expedited orders - anything that would help you uniquely identify and alert properties of an order to the shop floor and across the work order fulfillment process.

  • To enable and define Important Order Tags, navigate to ADMIN » Config Settings » Config Settings. You will see a row entitled Important Order Tags some ways down the page. Inside the text box above the Set button, type in the Important Order Tags you will be using, e.g. conflict_free, expedite, etc. Use a comma to differentiate between Important Order Tags.

  • Once Important Order Tags have been defined, you can utilize them at the line level when creating a quote (i.e. order entry). Add a line within a quote, fill our necessary data, and scroll to the bottom to see the Tags field. You can apply both non-Important Order Tags and Important Order Tags here. You will find the list of all available Important Order Tags above the input field.

  • Type in tags you want to apply, followed by a Tab or Enter. This will register the tag, and start another one.

  • Once these Important Order Tags have been added to a quote line, the tags will follow to be tracked through the order fulfillment process, propagating alerts in the quote line view, production order fulfillment window view, traveler doc / license plate, and order packing slip. Note that this does not apply to regular tags. Only the Important Order Tags are shown in these screens.

  • Cetec ERP lets you define your own custom part level fields (e.g. UL, RoHS, etc.). To do so, please navigate to Admin » Bonus Columns » Part, and add a bonus column. If you set the Technical Name field to be identical to an Important Order Tag you have defined, then any time you add a part with that “bonus attribute” assigned, the important order tag will automatically attach itself to the quote, to be tracked with the order. Note that the data type on your bonus column must be boolean, i.e. either check box or radio button. The Tag Name & Bonus Column must also be in ALL CAPS!

  • Lastly, navigate to the part you want to enable automatic Important Sales Tags for. Inside the View screen, under Part Info, you will see the Bonus Column. Click on the pencil icon to edit this field, and either mark the check box or the radio button. Once you update the Part Info and exit the Update screen, you will see that the Part Info screen is updated.

  • From here on, adding the part to a quote will automatically add the Important Order Tags as well.


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