• In order to manually add a ledger entry, navigate to ACCOUNTING » Chart/Ledger » Ledger. To the right, bottom side of the page header click the Add Entry button.

  • This will bring up the Add Ledger Entry screen where you can enter necessary data for manual ledger entry.

  • Most fields here should be self-explanatory. Enter entry name, transaction date, description, payment type and payment reference number.

  • Once these fields are entered, you have to select accounts to credit and debit. If more than two accounts are involved in the transaction, you can add more accounts by clicking on the Add Another Split button. The important thing to notice here is that the total of debits plus credits should equal zero. For this purpose, Cetec ERP displays a warning to the left side of the Add Another Split button if the net total of debits/credits do not equal zero and prevent submitting the manual entry. Once you are done entering data, click the Submit Entry button.


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