• To enter an order, first navigate to SALES » Quotes » New Quote. Note that a quote in Cetec ERP functions as a pre-order template. Once you create and fill out a quote, you can convert it to an order with a click of a button.

  • Click the pencil icon to edit customer header info for your order. Add a line to the quote and enter all relevant order line item information, e.g. quantity, part number, cost, resale, warehouse stocking location, transaction code (click here to view different kinds of orders). Then click OK to add the line (Lines can be imported via Excel as well. To do so, select Build Quote » Import Spreadsheet from the left nav bar on a quote).

  • If you need to send a quote out to your customer, select Send To » PDF/Email from the left side-nav on the Quote, and email an auto-populated PDF of the quote to your customer directly from the system.

  • To enter the order, select Convert To Order from the left side-nav menu. Depending on the data input/missing, order type, and more, this screen may contain warnings, notifications, prompt for sub-assembly orders, etc. Once everything is ready, click on Place Order and your order will be created.

  • Once your quote has been converted into an order, Cetec ERP will take you to the sales order view screen for that order. On this screen, you may view order details, link back to the quote the order originated from, and/or move forward with order fulfillment.

  • Normally, before you order lines are “picked” (effectively allocating material to the order) you release it to the warehouse first. To do so, select Release To Warehouse from the left side-nav of the sales order view screen.

  • If you are releasing an order from the Release to Warehouse screen, simply check the select box under the Move column of the lines you want to release, choose the workorder location you want to move the order lines to, and click on Move Orders. This will drive a pick assignment to whichever user you assign, filling their pick queue with the pick assignment for the order you released.

  • Alternatively, to go directly to the main order fulfillment window (i.e. the “production view”), click on the order line item number or choose the corresponding line number under the [Production View +] from the left side-nav.

  • Once the order lines have been released, it is time to pick parts. Refer back to the previous step, and access the Production View of the line you want to pick parts for. From here, click on Pick Parts from the left side-nav. Doing this will display every bin that contains the part that you are trying to pick. From here, specify the quantity you want to pick from each bin. The bin order is organized so that in accordance with the FIFO (First In, First Out) principle, it displays the bin with the oldest part receipt first. After picking the required amount of parts, select the workorder location you want to move the order line to, and click on Update.

  • If you are dealing with a Build order, then you would have to go through additional steps to assemble the product and perform the actual production on the good. For more information on work order tracking (e.g. moving a part along its router, tracking labor, entering info on work instructions, etc.), check out our Shop Floor Mgmt Help Documentation or the corresponding How-To guides.

  • To ship and invoice and close an order, navigate to the Invoice/Ship screen from the work order view. Before clicking on Create Invoice, make sure the exact amount goods to be shipped is reflected accurately beneath the Ship Qty column. If so, proceed by first printng out your packing documents. Then, click Create Invoice to register the invoice to your accounting module, close the order, bill your customer, etc.

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