Outsource POs allow you to send parts and materials to an outside vendor or contract manufacturer for additional labor/work that your company will not be performing, but is required in the build process for that product. This guide covers the prerequisites needed in your Admin settings and how to create Outsource POs.

Setting up an Outsourcing Work Location in Admin:

  • Go to Admin> Maintenance> Data Maintenance
  • Go to the OrdlineStatus data maintenance table.
  • Let’s create one for a specific vendor by clicking Add Record.
  • Enter a description for this location.
  • Be sure to click the checkbox under “Is Outsourcing” to designate this as an outsourcing location.
  • Fill in any other pertinent information.
  • When you are finished, scroll down and click Submit.

Setting up an Outsourcing Vendor:

  • Go to Purchasing> Vendors> Vendor list
  • Click Create New.
  • Type the vendor’s name and click Create.

Create a unique (recommended) PRC for Outsourcing and a PRCPART:

  • Go to Parts> Lists> PRC list.
  • Click Create PRC to enter a PRC specific for outsourcing parts.
  • Now that our outsource PRC code is created, we can create a part to be used on an outsource PO.
  • Click Lists> Part list
  • Click Create New.
  • Choose the PRC code, type a part number, choose a location, and add a part description then click Create.

Add Outsource Location to the labor plan on a BOM revision:

  • Open a BOM record that will use this outsourcing location.
  • From the part record, in the left side menu, click Revisions.
  • Find the revision you want and click Labor Plan.
  • In the field to the left of the orange Add button, select the outsourcing location you created then click Add.
  • Now add the expected lead time for this outsourcing step and click Update.
  • With your mouse, hover over the number on the left hand side to click and drag your outsourcing location to its proper place in the labor plan.

Create Outsource PO from a Work Order:

  • Navigate to the Workorder screen for an existing BOM with an outsourcing location in its labor plan.
  • Click Outsource PO in the left hand navigation.
  • Enter your vendor and your prcpart.
  • Fill out any other relevant information.
  • When you’ve finished, click Create Outsource PO.
  • Once the order is sent to the vendor, status the work order under the outsourcing location on the workorder screen.
  • If you go back to the order overview screen, and click Outsource POs + you’ll see a list of any outsource POs associated with this order.
  • If you click into your outsource PO in that list, you can click the Packing Slip link to customize and send your vendor a packing slip.
  • Or you can click PDF/Export to customize and send a PO PDF.
  • When you invoice the order, Cetec will include the cost of any associated outsource POs.

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