As you know, any changes to your inventory must be documented in real time. This avoids confusion or delay when building and shipping your products.

How can a shop floor user log scrapped, miscounted, or destroyed material, while simultaneously initiating a process for adjusting inventory accordingly and/or replenishing the component need for the work order?

It starts at the work order screen. Click Parts. Find the part you need and click Request More. On the pop-up window, enter the quantity you need, check this box if this request is due to scrap, select the reason for your part request, and add comments. To confirm the part request, click Send.

Typically during system setup and configuration, an Admin user will set up the part request reason codes that show up in the pop-up window we just described. To do so, navigate to Admin, then Maintenance, then Data Maintenance and click into the PartRequestReason data maintenance table. Cetec ERP contains four default reason codes: missing part, destructive test, build error, and scrap.

Each of these reason codes are assigned a particular type of inventory impact to drive how inventory is adjusted when the part request goes through. There are three system defined inventory impact types: 1. No Inv Change; 2. Add To Order Pick; 3. Adjust Inv Immediately.

Once approved (either automatically or via management), a pick must be recorded to enact the material adjustment. The recommended process is for this pick to be the responsibility of a dedicated warehouse user. If you are in the position of fulfilling the part request, click Part Request List. Click the request number. You’ll be taken to the screen for this part request. Note any useful information about this request. Also take note of the quantity requested, as you’ll be entering that below. Find the appropriate bin and record the pick quantity that will fulfill this request. Select the desired part request status. To save your changes, click Update.

Now, if you go back to the work order and navigate to the Pick Parts screen, you’ll see that the quantity picked for that part is now highlighted in orange, indicating that the quantity picked value is greater than the original quantity need value. This is to account for both the quantity originally picked on the work order plus the quantity picked to fulfill the part request.

If necessary, after filling out the part request form, the warehouse user will physically bring the material to the shop floor worker who submitted the part request. To close the part request, use the Change Status drop-down menu. Cetec ERP will make the adjustment dictated by the inventory impact associated with the reason code on the Part Request (of the three possible inventory impacts: immediate inv adjustment, pick inv and reserve to work order, or no adjustment).

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