Being able to assign picks to specific users makes the workload easier for your warehouse users.

  • To perform the following actions you will need Admin permissions for them.
  • Go to Admin> Users> User list and search for the user you want to set up to accept pick queues. Click into their user profile scroll down to the roles section and make sure that the Warehouse role is assigned. If its not assigned hold down the ctrl key to keep any previously assigned roles then click Warehouse. Then scroll down and click submit.
  • Navigate to the release to pick screen by going to Warehouse> Release to Pick> Release Orders - All or choose a different option if more applicable for your process.
  • Find the order you want by typing it into the order box then click submit to run the report. Go to the Assign To column and select a user from the dropdown menu to whom you want to assign this orders pick queue and check the Move box. (Note: You can assign and move more than one order at a time by assigning a user to each of the orders and then checking the “Move” checkbox next to all of the orders you want to move.) Select the Warehouse location and click Move orders.
  • To see what users have in their pick queue navigate to Manage Pick Queues which is underneath the same tab as Release to Pick. Find a user on the list and click into their pick queue. You will be taken to the Release to Pick screen again but it will be filtered with the Assigned To search with the users name. Click submit to run the report and you can see all the orders that are assigned to the user you have selected.
  • Users can see what is in their Pick Queue by navigating to Warehouse > Release to Pick > Pick Queue.


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