Releasing build orders and assigning them to users is an important way to communicate when an order is ready for release.

  • To release an order go to Warehouse> Release to Pick> Release Build Orders. Since you chose the Release Build Orders option the Trans Code field will default to Build. You can filter your search by order or the other filters on the page. If you want to see all results just click submit without changing any filters.
  • To move an order or release it you will want to select the Move checkbox on the orders you want to release. Then you can batch print the order documents by selecting the document you want from the drop down above the results. Next click batch print once youve selected each of the orders.
  • Assign a user to each of the orders you selected. You can assign different users to each order by doing it from each orders user dropdown on the line. Or you can select one user at the top of the report under the filters.
  • Next you can batch move multiple orders. Choose your next stage from the drop down beside Move Orders followed by click Move Orders. This will also save your user assignments you made. You will receive a success message at the top of the page.


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