Heres a how-to guide on Build-to-Stock vs. End Customer Sales Orders in Cetec ERP:

  • There are two ways you can quickly generate a Build-to-Stock order:
    1. Click Production > Orders > New Build For Stock.
    2. Click the hamburger menu (in the top left hand corner) > Work Order Entry (Build To Stock) hyperlink.
  • Enter in all required header information and proceed with the new Build-to-Stock order.
  • There are two ways to quickly generate a new End Customer Sales Order:
    1. Click Sales > Quotes > New Quote
    2. Click the hamburger menu icon > Work Order Entry (Custom)
  • Enter in the customer name for the Work Order Entry (custom) and click the orange Go! Button.
  • Youve now generated a new End Customer Sales Order.
  • These two kinds of orders have a couple of key differences. Build-to-Stock orders are internal customer orders and End Customer Sales Orders are external customer orders.
  • You also need to complete/receive in the Build-to-Stock internal order, and the End Customer Sales Order will be invoiced/shipped to the customer.


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