How To Use Part Synonyms in Cetec ERP

To use the part synonym feature, navigate to the parts screen via PARTS » View/Lists » List » [Find a part]. Once you have selected a part, click on the ‘Crosses’ link from the side navigation for the Part.

To define a synonym (a corresponding or equivalent part with a different part number), enter the other Prcpart into the Cross Prcpart field. Select Part Synonym from the Cross Type drop-down menu, and click on Update. Once the Part Crosses screen updates, the part synonym’s Quantity Available and Quantity on Order will be displayed.

Benefits Of Defining Part Synonyms

First, when you have a work order that contains a component part with a synonym, you can go into the BOM management screen of the work order and switch out the component for its synonym. After swapping, Cetec ERP will let you pick the part’s synonym to fulfill the order (part synonyms works both ways, i.e. you can swap a part for its synonym, or swap the synonym for the part).

To do this, click the BOM Management link on the left side navigation menu of the Production Order Screen. All components with valid synonyms will be displayed as pulldown menus. Click on a pulldown menu, select the part you want to replace it with, and click Update Order Specific BOM.

Second, when a part with a synonym appears on MRP, a Part Synonyms link will display underneath the MRP row. Click this link to be taken to the original Part Crosses screen where you have already input the part synonym data. In this screen you can check the synonym’s Quantity Available and Quantity on Order, and make decisions about purchasing based on the data provided.

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