Partial Shipment: Best Practice

The best practice is always to split lines (and mete out the material/labor accordingly) as soon as you become aware of the need to ship partially. This is the “cleanest” way to accomplish a partial shipment, i.e. simply by splitting one order line item into two. If you pick partially then ship partially, Cetec ERP will attempt to reduce the partial pick qty by the partial pick ratio (e.g. Consider an order for 10 qty. If you were to pick 5 then ship 5, Cetec ERP will relieve 2.5 qty and leave 2.5 picked qty). To prevent this, you either want to pick fully then ship partially, or split a line before any picking happens, pick, and ship the split line in full.

  • Method One: Split the Line Before Picking
    • This method is recommended if you have labor associated to an order line or if you do not want to pick fully before splitting the line. Using this method, you will be able to transfer the labor to the split line.
    • Navigate to the production order view. Click Split Line from the left side nav menu.
    • Specify the qty to split and move to a new line. Also, indicate whether you want to move the labor logged.
    • Once this is done, the line will be split. From here on, you can pick and ship them seprately.
  • Method Two: Split After Picking
    • This method is recommended if you are okay with fully picking for an order prior to the partial ship.
    • After fully picking for an order, navigate to the sales order view. Click Invoice/Ship from the left side nav menu.
    • Entery the partial ship amount inside the Ship Qty input field. Cetec ERP will take the ratio of the Qty Due / Ship Qty and divide the pick qty by that ratio.
    • Click Invoice, and only the Ship Qty you have specified inside the Invoice/Ship screen will be invoiced.

Partial Shipment: Best Practice #2

As a final check, it is best that your shipping clerk ALWAYS do a final review of suggest inventory relief quantities before shipping/invoicing.

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