• To navigate to the Full Inventory screen, go to WAREHOUSE » Inventory » Full Inventory.

  • Once you are in the Full Inventory screen, fill out the desired parameters and press Submit to filter the list.

  • To initiate a new Full Inventory, click Create New Inventory. This will open a new header area.

  • Choose the warehouse location and enter the number of parts each user will be responsible for counting (Number of Parts Per User). You can also exclude parts whose total value is too low to count by entering Minimum Part Value, and/or limit the Full Inventory to include only Finished Goods (FIG Only) or Raw Material. Cetec ERP will take these parameters and values, and break up the full inventory into units of task assignable to each user. For instance, one unit may entail counting the expected bin quantity for 25 parts in 31 different bins.

  • After defining the parameters, click Start Full Inventory to initiate the process.

  • Once you start Full Inventory, you can view and search across all inventory assignements.

  • To open an assignment and begin counting inventory, press CTRL (or ⌘ if you are using a Mac) and click on the assignment ID to open in a separate tab. Also, each inventory assignment may be re-assigned to an appropriate user in the system by selecting the desired user from the Assigned To pull-down menu.

  • The inventory assignmnet page displays for every part Prcpart, whether the component is a BOM, bin location, receipt #, and the various bin quantities.
    • Total Bin Qty - Total Bin Qty refers to the total qty of a part associated with a specific bin location. This includes both materials that are present in the physical bin (Shelf Qty) and materials picked for a work order (WIP Qty) and thus missing from the physical bin.
    • WIP Qty - WIP Qty refers to the number of parts picked for a work order. These parts may not be present in the physical bin, but they still count towards the Total Bin Qty until they are relieved from the Invoice screen.
    • Shelf Qty - Shelf Qty refers to the expected number of parts inside the physical bin.
    • Actual Shelf Qty - Actual Shelf Qty is the actual quantity of parts inside the physical bin.
  • Use the bin location to locate the bin (In case that your bins are named using the recommended bin naming convention, the inventory assignment screen groups and displays bins according to their physical proximity. This is one of the reasons why we strongly recommend using the xxx-xxx-xxx bin naming convention), count the actual number of parts in it, and enter the number in Bin Qty Actual field. If this number differs from Bin Qty Expected, you must give the reason code for this difference (The reason codes are set in ADMIN » Data Maintenance » InvShortageReason).

  • After selecting a reason code, click on Set. The row should turn dark gray to indicate that it has been counted and updated.

  • After you count every part belonging an inventory assignment, you can close it by clicking on Close.

  • When an inventory assignment has been completed, the Full Inventory screen will highlight completed assignments in dark gray. When all inventory assignments are completed, click Close to complete Full Inventory.

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