How To Re-Open a PO Line

Cetec allows you to reopen a closed PO so you can add new lines on it (under the same authorized PO). But that will not re-open all the lines because this may cause some chaos if you were trying to add another line to an otherwise closed PO.

There may come a time when a line on a PO is received into inventory by mistake. Whether it be a user error, or confusion on which inventory was received in your warehouse. Regardless, this mistake can be fixed by canceling the receipt for that PO line.

  • First, we will receive a line of inventory to mimic an error.
  • After the PO line is received, a notification in the bottom left hand corner will show the Receipt for line received.
    • Click on the receipt number, and you will be navigated to the receipt for the inventory which was received by mistake. OR
    • If the error was noticed later than the immediate mistake, search the PO number in the master search bar. Navigate to the PO, and click on the receipt number next to the PO line.
  • On the receipt screen for the PO line whose inventory was received by mistake, click the ‘Cancel Receipt’ button on the left hand side. This will re-open the PO line, and the inventory can be received at the proper day.

Note: This may not be performed if the inventory is adjusted after it was received. Once inventory is adjusted in the ‘View’ section of the part, the ‘cancel receipt’ function becomes unavailable.


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