• Find the Ship/Invoice screen
    • Go to the “Sales View” of an order, where you can see order header info and all line items.
    • Click the Ship/Invoice tab on the left side-nav.
  • Enter quantity to ship
    • For each line item, input the quantity of product you are shipping.
    • Take care to note the amount of inventory about to be relieved as a result of the shipment/invoice; this is displayed upon inputting ship quantity.
    • Click Update. This will open up the ability to print a packing slip and packing label.
  • Print a packing slip
    • Click the Packing Slip link on the left side-nav of the sales order. This will auto-generate a PDF to print out and include with shipment.
    • Click the Packing Label to print out an order label and/or part label for the shipment.
    • Contact us to setup your connection to UPS WorldShip or FedEx Ship Manager for packing/shipping integration.
  • Ship Product & Create Invoice
    • Invoice the order upon shipment of product. This will relieve all picked inventory and start the A/R clock for your customer.
    • The system will automatically forward you to the invoice record, leave any remaining order quantities due on backorder on the sales order, or close the sales order completely if there is no quantity due remaining on any line items.

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